Doug Parks is a native of Gallatin, TN. He served as Youth Minister of the Cottontown (TN) congregation from 1975 to 1979. After graduating at David Lipscomb in 1979, Doug and his family moved to Bowling Green, KY to teach at Potter Christian School. In July 1984, he moved back to Sumner County to work as an Associate Minister at the New Deal Congregation. In January of 1985 he became the pulpit minister and remained there until March 2009.

Doug and his wife, Melanie, placed membership with Fountain Head in 2009 and was hired to be part-time Associate Minister in May 2011. His duties include: filling the pulpit when needed, training the young men to lead the singing, preaching on the radio program in July, and organizing brethren from Fountain Head and other congregations to hold services at Senior Living Homes in the Portland area. Doug also does fill in work for area congregations. Beginning in 2012, he began filling the pulpit at the Buck Lodge congregation on Sunday evenings. Doug also serves as the treasurer of the Church of Christ program on WHIN radio since 2000 and has been the coordinator of the Sumner County Youth Singing from 1975-79 and 1993-2011.

Doug has a BA degree in music Education at David Lipscomb and an MA in music ed. at Western Kentucky University. He has been the Chorus director at White House Middle School since 2002.

Doug is married to Melanie Trammel. They have one son, Jason, who is married to Michelle Del Bosco. Doug and Melanie have two grandchildren—Isabelle & Griffin.